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A Company Built On

* Emergency Repair Services Available

Providing Quality Products and Services Since 1981

Blejwas Associates, Inc. is a family business dedicated to providing the highest quality HVAC products and related services to customers who value reliability, flexibility, and personal attention. We supply high-quality air filtration and custom equipment that heats, cools, humidifies, dehumidifies, moves, and cleans the air for industrial, institutional, and commercial markets. Additionally, we provide ice machine and medical-grade refrigerator services, such as emergency repairs, cleaning and sanitizing, and preventative maintenance.

Air Filters

Filters for any requirement. Basic, medium, and high-efficiency. Pleated, rigid, and ASHRAE cells, V-Bank cells, extended surface pockets, carbon, HEPA, ULPA, clean room, gas-phase filters, and dust collector cartridges. LEED-compliant filters.