Gas Phase Air Filters

PURO Cell2


  • Rigid box-type filter
  • Medium and high-efficiency filtration combined with odor control 
  • Carbon-loaded pleats clean the air by removing airborne molecular contaminants present at levels less than one particle per million 

PURO Seal Carbon Refillable Tray2

PURO Seal Carbon Refillable Tray

  • Provides dual filtration of particulate and odor adsorption 
  • Available for vapor or liquid phase filtration

Hi-E 40 CB2

Hi-E 40 CB

  • Medium efficiency
  • Self-supported
  • Extended surface pleated air filter
  • Effective in stand-alone applications or as a pre-filter in place of a disposable, permanent, or media pad/frame filter
  • 1", 2", 4" depths available

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