Cogged, banded, fractional, kevlar, wedge, wedge banded, cogged wedge banded, twist tock, and chain. Whatever belts you need, Blejwas Associates is capable of supplying and installing them!

Are you replacing your belts frequently enough?

Belts are an integral part of your HVAC equipment, but like any other part of a machine, they wear down and eventually need to be replaced. A belt might look fine, but given enough time, it'll start to lose tension and reduce the overall efficiency of your equipment. 

More importantly...are you using the right belts?

The number of options for belts is endless, with all different lengths, classifications, etc. But those metrics are extremely important when it comes to the continued operation of your machines! Too much tension and the belt will snap. Too little tension and the belt won't have enough grip to transfer power efficiently.