The history of Blejwas Associates, Inc. began with the dreams of its founder, Edwin Blejwas, and the support of his devoted wife, Judy. They worked together over the years to build and expand the business of the Company. Central to the growth of the Company was the furnishing of quality products and exceptional service at competitive prices.

The Company has grown and prospered because of our continued adherence to the simple principles to which our founder dedicated himself and his work.


We have focused on the quality of our work and our responsiveness to the needs of our customers. We have not sacrificed that quality and responsiveness to make a greater profit on any contract. We have understood and satisfied the needs of our customers. Our reputation for quality has allowed us to grow and prosper while our competitors have struggled and even failed.

An equally important factor in our success is the respect that each of us has for the other employees of the Company. We do our best to communicate and understand each other in our everyday business operations. Ours is a family atmosphere – we all work together daily.  Employees must respect the authority of management, and management must, in turn, respect each employee's needs, judgment, and work ethic. We must each help the other.

Constant and total communication is necessary between our office, field, and customer contacts to enable us to provide smooth, efficient service to our clients.

With these simple but important philosophies in mind, we will continue to enjoy the prosperity and team spirit that began many years ago.


Blejwas Associates, Inc. is a family business dedicated to providing the highest quality HVAC products and related services to customers who value reliability, flexibility, and personal attention. We supply high-quality custom equipment that heats, cools, humidifies, dehumidifies, moves and cleans air for industrial, institutional, and commercial markets.

Our business philosophy entails treating our customers as “family” and contributing to their success. Thereby, one of our greatest strengths is our ability to listen
to our customers.

We take pride in assuring personal attention, being committed to responding to challenges with creativity and professionalism, in standing behind our products and services, and in being reliable and ethical-- because our name is always at stake.

We promise to treat our customers, suppliers, and fellow workers with respect and fairness, and to earn their trust. We honestly and responsibly pursue these principles as we strive for our own success and that of our associates.