service area map2

Blejwas Heatmap

Green - Daily to 24 hour coverage

Yellow - 24 hour response time, possible travel requirements

Red - Call for scheduling

The above is a quick view of the areas we service in everything from our HVAC service, to Ice Machine repairs. Green is the area in which we have technicians daily. If you're in that area and have the need for an emergency repair, we can typically be there within 24 hours. Yellow are areas we're consistently servicing, and so we can typically do a 24 hour response time on emergencies. The red is all space we don't usually have our technicians present, but we're still more than happy to try and help you!
If you have any questions on how your facility fits into our service areas, call: 908-253-8822, or fill out a contact form to find out how Blejwas Associates can assist your business!