Medical-Grade Refrigeration Systems are used in a variety of settings including:


Medical Offices

Clinical Laboratories

Patient Care


Vaccine Storage

Blood Banks

The Importance of Maintenance of Medical Refrigeration Systems

The cost of a failed refrigeration system can be enormous. Should a unit break down or malfunction when unattended, its contents, drugs, tissue samples, blood, or other items may need to be destroyed. Faulty refrigeration can cost a facility an enormous time, money, and inconvenience.

At Blejwas, we firmly believe that a well-maintained and cleaned refrigeration unit is far less likely to fail than a neglected one. A good preventative maintenance program will significantly extend the life of the unit and improve its reliability.

So don't wait for something to break; let Blejwas Associates be your solution for preventative maintenance and emergency repairs! We can maintain your equipment, show up for repairs if something goes wrong, and provide you with detailed documentation of our work.

During preventive maintenance, Blejwas Associates will check and ensure the following: proper set point ranges, coil cleanliness, air infiltration, calibration of air probes, calibration of bottle probes, proper glycol solutions, proper compressor cycling, refrigeration pressures, 3rd party data loggers comply, and the correct holding temperatures are being maintained. Our technicians will educate the end users on the controller systems, proper installation and airflow around the units, and what to look for when a unit begins to fail. Our team of medical refrigeration technicians is ready to respond 24/7.

Our team of technicians is factory trained and not just going through a checklist. They catch things you may not, like incorrect settings on your device, or maybe it's plugged into a power strip instead of directly into the wall.

Our medical refrigeration technicians are fully certified and trained for the most challenging of repairs, from complete compressor replacements, start components, controller systems, and electrical and refrigeration components like thermal expansion valves, high and low-pressure switches, and filter driers. We can perform this service directly on-site or remove the unit and complete the repairs in our refrigeration shop. We keep a stock of emergency loaner units in refrigerators and freezers in the event we need to swap out your unit for repairs so you can continue to operate with limited interruption.


  • Full Repairs
  • Loaners
  • Repairs Can Be Made ONSITE or Back at Blejwas
  • Probe and Data Logger Calibration Services and Replacements.

Brands We Support

  • Follett
  • Helmer
  • Fisher Scientific
  • Thermo Fisher
  • Bev Air
  • Trualsen
  • True
  • Continental
  • Summit
  • Accucold
  • Trenton
  • Heatcraft
  • Bohm
  • Delfield
  • Embraco

OurTechnicians Are Certified In:

  • Propane refrigerants like R290 and R600

  • Minus 80 freezer systems.