Air Filter Services


​Blejwas Associates, Inc. offers filter maintenance programs for commercial, institutional, manufacturing, and healthcare facilities. These programs consist of changing filters per ASHRAE and NAFA Standards or according to designated schedules. Scheduled air filter maintenance allows our technicians to inspect the filters and HVAC systems on a regular basis and to identify and remedy any problems that may arise. Following each service, a record of completion will be provided for your records.

Our Air Filter Services are tailored to the specific needs of Service and Facility Managers who need a company that is focused on delivering your HVAC Air Filters when, where and how you need it.

We offer:

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    Scheduled Job Site Delivery

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    Job Tagging - tailored to suit your specific labeling requirements

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    48 Hour Lead-time on Custom Sizes

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    Custom Stock Programs

Panel Air Filters


Filters for any requirement. Basic, medium, and high-efficiency. Pleated, rigid, and ASHRAE cells, V-Bank cells, extended surface pockets, carbon, HEPA, ULPA, clean room, gas-phase filters, and dust collector cartridges. LEED-compliant filters.