Coil Cleaning

Why clean your Coils?

tech cleaning coils

The coils in your HVAC unit handle a substantial amount of air. That air contains dust, dirt, pollen, grease, and moisture. These elements will settle on the coils and not only reduce their ability to cool air, but bacteria, mold, and fungi can develop, causing a hazardous decline in air quality for your building!

Leaving your coils dirty leaves the air handler having to exert more energy for less output, resulting in higher costs for less return and potential damage to your unit because of the strain being put on it. Studies done by the EPA have shown that a .042-inch buildup of dirt on heating and cooling coils can result in a 20% decrease in efficiency!

A study conducted in 2005, and published in the ASHRAE Journal found that properly cleaning air handler coils resulted in massive savings ($40,000 in the case of an NYC building), cutting back on energy use by as much 37%. The thermal efficiency of the coils was increased by 25% "with respect to its ability to transfer its energy to its sensible loads", and 10% "with respect to its ability to transfer its energy to its latent loads".

Regularly scheduled maintenance on your air handler coils will keep your air handler running as efficiently as possible for as long as possible, providing clean, cool, and safe air in a cost-efficient manner.

Don't put this off; your building's air quality is of the utmost importance to you and to us here at Blejwas Associates. Give us a call at 908-253-8822 to talk about improving your facilities' air quality.

Let's Consider the Cause

The above photos are all pre-filters in a series of heating coils for a facility. You can see the state they're in and the fact that there is a six-inch bypass, which is completely unacceptable for anyone's air quality anywhere. It's unfortunate, but we get called in to clean coils and find that the reason the coils are so dirty in the first place is because of a poor filter changeout partner!

​Yes, they might be the cheaper option at first, but you'll see those savings destroyed down the road when you spend more time cleaning coils or replacing ones that have been unnecessarily exposed to the elements! Head to our Filter Service Page to learn more about how Blejwas can keep your air handlers maintained.